How Do I Remove The Paypal 21 Day Hold?

This one of the questions we hear a lot and receive tons of emails on. Lots of our customers are absolutely frustrated with this 21 day hold policy! Many of customers have asked us, “Is there a way around it?” Sadly, there isn’t. We hate this policy as much as the Imagenext person. There is so much wrong to it and so much loopholes to the point where it doesn’t even protect the seller.

The hold policy applies to any sales made even off selling on eBay. If you try to go around the system by sending an invoice using services, then it will not go through. Many have try that and resulted in a hold. If your account reads the message that explains fund will be held, then even when sent as gift, they will still get the dreaded payment hold.

So this still raises the question. How do I remove Paypal’s 21 day hold? The only way we know to do that is to confirm your SSN. This would be the only way to have funds instantly. Now this would be fine and dandy for those who still have their original account. For many of you that have been suspended or limited, that option is out of the picture. That would mean to wait it out and pray that eBay removes it.

To insure this outcome. Remember to ship your items fast, include tracking when necessary. If you are selling digital items, then obviously can’t do that which comes with more chances of buyer claiming a “Item Not Received” or “Significantly Not As Described” or “SNAD” for short. However Paypal gives the option of “Order Processed” or “Service Rendered” when you go to the payment you received and enter the shipping info.

By doing so, then the payment should be released within a week if you deal with items that cannot be shipped or forgot to enter tracking number. Tracking number should always be included as well as signature confirmation. These days, you do not know what buyers will do when trying to get the item and their money back. Happened to a lot of our customers as well as I.

My other suggestion is to keep up with your Detailed Seller Ratings or DSR for short. Strive for all positive feedback and minimize negative feedback. Once the ratings are good and you have many satisfied customers, then you should come to the point of having the holds lifted. Is it a guarantee? Knowing Paypal, that is not likely either, but it is pretty much the only option.